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Would you give $5 to Marxist terrorists who will use it to murder? So why are you and I giving much more?!

The advantage of learning the Torah laws that apply to every human being is that there are hard and fast Divine rules that apply everywhere all the time.

All human beings are forbidden to murder because it is the destruction of the Divine Image. (Bereishis (Genesis 9:6))

Yet, every year, you and I directly and intentionally fund murder around the world.

Yes, our tax dollars fund the murdering Marxist terror regime in the Holy Land which calls itself the Palestinian Authority, the PLO, Hamas and dozens of other stage names.

These terror organizations murder, maim and rob more Arabs than Jews on an ongoing basis.

And we pay for it through hundreds of millions of dollars funded by and approved by our representatives in the United States Congress.

And, the State of Israel also sends millions monthly to the terror regime directly undermining the very lives of the residents of the Holy Land.

One of the great challenges we face is that the State of Israel encourages and demands this funding of terror. In 2020, when Qatar cut off funding to Hamas, the head of Israeli intelligence flew to Qatar to demand that Qatar continue funding Hamas!

I experienced this personally when I went to Washington, D.C., and met with Senator Inhofe to state that the Torah forbids funding these terror regimes and that as a US taxpayer, I want none of my money to go to terror and murder. He told me that he agrees with me, but what can he do if two weeks earlier sitting in the same chair as me was Ariel Sharon, then Prime Minister of Israel, telling Senator Inhofe that it was in the State of Israel’s best interest for the United States to fund the Marxist terrorists and encouraging Senator Inhofe to vote for terror funding legislation.

“Rabbi,” he lamented, “how can I go against the Prime Minister of Israel who is telling me that funding terrorists is best for Israel?”

“Senator,” I answered, “funding terror is against G-d Al-mighty’s Will, it’s against America and its against the residents of the Holy Land. You must vote according to that and not according to what the Government of Israel misleads you to violate G-d Al-mighty’s Will and go against the best interest of America and human beings everywhere.”

Funding has only increased since then, with increasing murder the intended and actual result.

I remain responsible for the use of my money and my money is being used to murder thousands and being used to plan the murder of many more, may G-d Al-mighty save them and us.

And, you are responsible also, my friend.

One of my righteous American students took this call to heart and launched a campaign to stop the use of our money for murder.

And, to stop the discussion of a “Two State Solution”, the formalization of an internationally endorsed Marxist terror apparatus to war against the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza and Jordan and Israel.

Tragically, the One State Solution as it is currently operated is not serving the well-being, safety and security of the Jews and Arabs living in and around the Holy Land. But the Two State Solution accelerates the Marxist terror revolution giving the Marxist armies a direct ‘recognized’ and ‘approved’ operating based in the Holy Land.

So, I ask you to sign the petition at Americans Against A Two State Solution (http://aa2ss.org)

For civilization to survive, we must not only not ourselves be murderers, we must not fund murder and we must not let others murder.

G-d Al-mighty promises all men and all nations great blessing when men live according to His Divine Loving Guidance. Life is so beautiful and so simple.

Let’s live it and help others live it.

May G-d Al-mighty bless you.

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