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UN human rights commission query

Submission sheet

Individuals, groups and organizations wishing to submit information and documentation to the United Nations Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and Israel (hereafter the “COI”) are kindly asked to fill in this sheet with any information they are able to provide, and attach it to their submissions.

It is not a requirement to provide all requested information if not available, though particular attention should be given to filling in the section on consent.

Unless indicated otherwise in the form, the COI will consider all materials received to be usable in its reports, but without attribution as to the source

Name of submitting individual/entityThe Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research – a research institute dedicated to proactive research and publication of well-documented and cutting age data on the core issues of the Israeli-Arab conflict.
Contact of submitting individual/entityEmail(s): ctrforneareastpolicyresearch@gmail.comTelephone: (+972-2) 623 6368Cell Phone: (+972-54) 722-2661Web Address: https://www.cfnepr.com/Agree to be contacted by the COI:  Yes
Relationship of submitting entity/individual to the alleged victim/sThe victims are all Israeli individuals who are threatened by terror actions committed by Palestinian individuals influenced by the Palestinian Authority’s educational system and its textbooks in particular, which are used in UNRWA schools as well. The Bedein Center is an organization that conducts research of these books’ attitude to Jewish-Israeli individuals and publishes its findings, thus making it available to the public at large.
Human rights violation/s or abuses  alleged to have occurredThe Palestinian Authority’s schoolbooks, which are taught by UNRWA too, ignore the human rights of Israeli individuals and implicitly incite the Palestinian students to act against such rights under the pretext of “Palestinian liberation struggle”.
Violations of the laws and customs of war (international humanitarian law)The Palestinian Authority’s schoolbooks, which are taught by UNRWA too, praise the murder of innocent Israeli civilians and make the perpetrators national heroes.
Date/s of incident/time periodSince 2000, when the first PA schoolbooks were issued.
Place of incidentVillage/township/city: All places where local schools follow the PA curriculum.Province: The West Bank, the Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem.
Name/s of alleged victim/s gender, age Name: Every Israeli individualGender: BothAge: All Ages (embryos – over 90-year-olds).Father’s name:Nationality: Israeli.ProfessionPhone number/email:Address:
Identification of those allegedly responsibleName of alleged perpetrator if known:1. The Palestinian Authority (PA):President Mahmud Abbas,Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh,Minister of Education Marwan Awartani.2. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA): Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini,Deputy Commissioner-General Leni Stenseth. State or non-state entity with which perpetrator is affiliated, if any: Any identifying marks of the perpetrator which indicate their affiliation, such as the colour or pattern of their uniform and uniform’s insignia: 
Description of the incident(s)/allegations (2000-word limit)Detailed description: The PA textbooks, which are used in UNRWA’s schools as well, de-legitimate the very existence of Jews in Israel, describe them as foreign colonialists and enemies of Islam from its very beginning and call for a violent struggle for the “liberation” of Palestine, including the territories within Israel’s pre-1967 borders, and free Al-Aqsa Mosque from the Jewish “infidels” and “the Devil’s aides” (see the attached PowerPoint presentation).  
Description of the State’s response, (500-word limit)Indicate whether the incident was reported to the authorities: Yes     If yes, which authorities: The UN and various Parliaments in countries around the world sponsoring the PA and UNRWA. Information on any investigations, judicial processes, decision/judgements and sentences, including reparations, in response to the incident: Several resolutions to reduce payments to the PA and UNRWA until they change the curriculum. 
Methodology employed in the collection of information
Consent Please indicate if consent to provide this information to the CoI has been received from the alleged victims (any consent given must be provided by the victim or by relatives or legal representatives on their behalf, or by a parent/legal guardian in case of a child) Yes   consent provided by: A potential victim of PA school incitement with UNRWA’s compliance If necessary, please explain: 
Description of any broader issues not related to specific violations (2000-word limit) Description should be succinct, highlighting issues of relevance to the mandate of the COI, and include concrete examples whenever possible. Please also include information on the impact of these violations, as well as age and gender-sensitive considerations (e.g. how these violations affected women and men, girls and boys differently) as relevant.The material studied in schools operated by the PA and UNRWA (as well as Hamas in Gaza), is one of the main influencing factors on Palestinian children and youth who turn to orchestrated and non-orchestrated violence against individual Jewish civilians, which has cost thousands of lives so far. It certainly leads to human rights violations perpetrated against Jewish civilians in the country before and after the date taken by the COI as its starting point. 
Any other human rights NGOs to whom you reported the incidentIf appropriate, please provide name and contact information of any other person or organization to whom the incident was reported. 
Additional materials (documents, images, videos, etc) relevant to the incident(s)/allegation(s)Please indicate, if you are aware of, or in possession of, any additional materials from other sources (including the media and NGOs) in which the above incident(s)/allegations are cited, that are deemed relevant/useful. The COI may follow-up at a later date in order to receive the material(s) indicated.The attached Power Point presentationDate of publication: January 2022Title: Jews in Palestinian Authority Schoolbooks in UNRWA UseSource (author/organisation): Dr. Arnon Groiss, Bedein Center for Near East Policy Reseach.Web link; https://www.cfnepr.comType of material: Documents (total doc); Images (total images); Videos (total videos); Other (please specify):PowerPoint presentation. 

Jews in Palestinian Authority schoolbooks in UNRWA use (1)

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