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Going to school is my right

In the face of immense funding challenges, UNRWA schools across the region will resolutely open their doors to students this semester.  

Did you know that UNRWA is the only UN agency that runs a full fledged school system?  
Our schools educate more than half a million Palestine Refugee students, and are led by a remarkable team of almost 20,000 dedicated teachers and education staff.Our students grow to become active contributors in their local communities and have impacts on a global scale.  
However, our mission is gravely threatened by  severe underfunding. Without additional resources, the quality of education will deteriorate, and students’ right to learn will be denied.

Palestine Refugee students have endured so many challenges and disruptions this year.

At the heart of it all, your support helps us continue educating students throughout these challenges.

You can help protect their right to education.

Send a learning kit to a student. Help provide mental health support. Donate a nourishing meal. Or give a monthly gift to provide year-long support of their basic education needs. Together, we can ensure that every school day makes a difference.

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