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Coalition for UNRWA Education Policy Change

David Bedein

The time has come to  launch a coalition for Unrwa Education Policy Change, with initiators from  Israel, Germany, Sweden, the UK, Canada, US and Australia, all major funders of UNRWA-the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, launched as a temporary agency for refugees from  the 1948 war. Their descendants have been there ever since.   

Let us ask citizens in each of these prominent UNRWA donor nations to ameliorate the current UNRWA school system, which now defies the values of the United Nations.

The first Unrwa Education Policy Change conference will convene, following  November elections, in the US and in Israel. 

Let us raise funds to provide an alternative to the current direction  of UNRWA education, which does not allow any child to see past the illusion of the “right of return” 

The coalition for Unrwa Education Policy Change has  one purpose in mind: to transform UNRWA schools into an oasis of peace and reconciliation, so that a future of  dignity can be advanced for the next generation of UNRWA young people to see beyond the squalor  of  59 “temporary” refugee camps, where their families have dwelled with no hope and no future for over 70 years.

The coalition for Unrwa Education Policy Change will provide a practial vision of peace and reconciliation for the 6.7 million descendants of the 1948 war which they have never seen.

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