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After approving renewed aid to UNRWA, Why does the US refuse to send funds ?

This week, UNRWA issued crying appeals to the world. claiming poverty, complaining that the US did not deliver the $235 Million that the US had prromised to deliver.

It would seem highy unusual for the US State Department to issue an official statement that it would renew funds  to UNRWA andt then to welch on the promise.

Not one major media outlet would say why the US stated is  not delivering the funds.

The reason US holds back the funds is that  UNRWA will not fulfill its side of the US-UNRWA memo of understanding from July 14, 2021, a written dipomatic accord which requires UNRWA to excise the incitement from its school system as a condition to received renewed US  funds, which were stopped on August 31, 2018.

The UNRWA spokeswoman made it clear in an interview with a Swiss media outlet on July 30, 2021 that UNRWA would not make any move to change the UNRWA curriculum,

Therefore, with the bipartisan backing of the US Congress, The US will not allow for the delivery of promised aid to UNRWA. with the exception of a nominal amount of food aid to UNRWA/


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David Bedein