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Advocating for Israel at the US Congress and any other legislative body

Someone sent the following query:

”Please direct us to a template for writing a letter to Congress to educate congressmen on why it is imperative that the US condition funds to UNRWA Many of us want to urge them but don’t have command of the facts. How do we EDUCATE CONGRESS?Please help. Thank you”

Here is the answer:

Educate legislators by presenting the facts in a clear, logical way, knowing that members of the US Congress and other legislative bodies pay attention to the few people who present burning issues in a reasonable way.

In the US, express policy concerns to US Senators and US Representatives who sit on US congressional subcommittees which oversee Middle East policy.

Five reasonable UNRWA policy concerns which you can raise in the form of a hard copy letter, an e-mail or facebook message:

Unlike any other refugee agency in the world, UNRWA keeps millions of refugees as “refugees in perpetuity”, instilling false hope in the lives of five million descendants of Arab refugees from the 1948 that they would be repatriated to Arab villages that existed before 1948. School books used by thousands of students who learn in UNRWA schools, translated in its entirety by professionals, shows that the UNRWA curriculum indoctrinates every school child to devote their lives to the “right of return”- by force of arms.

What can be done to reform UNRWA:

  1. Cancel the new UNRWA war curriculum, based on Jihad, martyrdom and the “right of return by force of arms”, which have no place in UN education, whose theme is “Peace Begins Here”.
  2. Cease paramilitary training in all UNRWA schools. It is an absurdity that UNRWA, a UN agency with a purported commitment to “peace education”, allows such arms training on its premises.
  3. Insist that UNRWA dismiss employees affiliated with Hamas in accordance with laws on the books in western nations that forbid aid to any agency that employs members of a terrorist organization.
  4. Introduce UNHCR standards to UNRWA to advance resettlement of fourth and fifth generation refugees from the 1948 war.
  5. They have spent some seven decades relegated to refugee status. Current UNRWA policy, rigidly enforced: any Arab refugee resettlement would interfere with
    the “right of return” to pre-1948 Arab localities. By adopting the political stance of Arab maximalists, UNRWA flouts its own commitment to the welfare and
    future of Arab refugees from 1948 and their descendants.
    5. Demand an audit of donor funds that emanate from 68 nations. This would address documented reports of wasted resources, duplication of services and an undesired flow of cash to the Gaza-based terror groups that have controlled UNRWA operations there for the past 18 years.




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