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View ” UNRWA ignites Jerusalem”- in person- or by zoom


On March 7th, 2022 the Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research screens a short movie at the Israel Knesset Parliament , open to the public, which can be viewed on zoom in real time.

The movie “UNRWA Ignites Jerusalem”¸ invites diplomats who fund UNRWA to see the presentation, portraying how UNRWA incites Arabs in Jerusalem into violent rebellion – with footage shot on location, rarely seen in the mainstream media:

Armed UNRWA rioters demonstrating that Israel must remove the Jews from Jerusalem and from the Temple Mount, followed by interviews of young people conducted inside UNRWA, which present children, in their own words, expressing their determination to fight Israel to the death.

Following the movie, the Bedein center will share new Palestinian Authority textbooks which prepare UNRWA children for war, followed by a study which documents that UNRWA youth clubs inside UNRWA that preach armed rebellion against Israel authority over Jerusalem.

To produce this movie, and 22 earlier films, the Bedein Center engaged five journalists, fluent in Arabic, each of whom holds advanced degrees in Islamic Studies.

Invitation to view the movie by registering in person to come to the Knesset:


Link to Zoom:





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