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UNRWA Shuafat Refugee camp in Jerusalem. Shooting a short documentary on location.

David Bedein


Date: January 25, 2023 

The new Knesset Parliament Lobby for UNRWA Policy Change is now in  formation.

The goal: To influence  UNRWA donors and the government of Israel to resolve the fate of 6.7 million Arab refugees and descendants, relegated since 1949 to dwell in 59 “temporary” refugee facilities.   

After embedding a TV crew in the Jerusalem Shuafat UNRWA refugee camp over the past two weeks, our agency now possesses unseen and unedited shocking footage which we will consolidate and produce in the form of a new movie for UNRWA donors – with English Hebrew, German, Swedish and Arabic subtitles.

Contacts in donor nations – the UAE, Sweden, Germany, Canada, the UK, Austria, Australia, and the US – will screen the new UNRWA movie for legislative bodies that fund  UNRWA, after sharing the product at the renewed Israel Knesset Lobby for UNRWA Policy Change, in the presence of the diplomatic community in Jerusalem.

Sources of the $1.6 billion UNRWA budget, with 58 % of allocations to “education”.

Leading governments and relief agencies that fund UNRWA:

https://www.unrwa.com/how-you-can-help/government partners/funding-trends

Full list of UNRWa donors:


Focus of UNRWA curriculum; right of return to pre-1948 Arab villages that no longer exist:




Earlier movies produced in the UNRWA refugee camp In Shuafat:





January 2023 findings at the UNRWA refugee camp in Shuafat, Jerusalem:

1. There has been a massive increase in the Shuafat population since the 2019 movie. The camp was designed to accomodate 18,000 residents, and 100,000 individuals now reside there. More than 80% of the Shuafat population are unregistered migrants.

2. Interview with a Shuafat engineer. There are 14-story buildings without proper design that can collapse at any moment. 

*In the event of such a catastrophe, Israel would be held to blame, since Shuafat is the one UNRWA facility located inside sovereign Israeli territory.

3. Shuafat residents no longer pay property taxes. The camp’s electricity and water are now supplied at no cost by Israel.

4. There is no noticeable law enforcement in Shuafat.

5. Two years after a massive overhaul of sanitary conditions, garbage is evident everywhere in Shuafat.

6. Children at the Shuafat youth club, financed by the UAE, speak incessantly about the right to take up arms to liberate villages lost in 1948 and replaced by the cities of Ramle, Lod and Tel Aviv.

7. Heads of the Fatah in Shuafat openly incite children to violence.

8. Fences and walls in Shufat schools and youth club are dominated by violent graffiti.

9. While the crew was filming, Shuafat residents fired automatic weapons into a nearby Jewish neighborhood, wounding a seven-year-old girl.


1. Embedding an Arab TV crew inside Shuafat: $19,000.

2. Editing, translating and transcribing the material into an eight-minute movie in six languages: $30,000.

3. Funding a PR agency to arrange for press coverage in ten countries: $50,000.

Thus far, we have raised $39,000. We must raise an additional $60,000.



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