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Invitation to UNRWA policy briefing by zoom: Tuesday, Jan. 18 7:30 pm Jerusalem time

Jerusalem. Tues January 18, 2022. 7:30 PM ISRAEL TIME

*In Memory of Israel Minister Mordecai Ben Porat z”l ( Pioneered law to help descendants of Arab refugees to leave UNRWA and live in dignity).

* Movie screening of J an.1 2022 Armed Procession Inside UNRWA, 1O minutes from Jersusalem

* Dr, Aman Groiss presentation of UNRWA war curriculum which he has examined since August 1, 2000

* Israel’s Ignored Demands to disarm UNRWA

* US refusal to hand funds to UNRWA schools beca use US- UNR W A accord which requires an end to incitement.

* Responsibility of Germany, Sweden, UK, EU, Switzerland, Japan, France, Canada, Belgium, Holland & Norway

*How you can make your voices heard to governments, embassies and consuls of
each UNRWA donar nation

*How you can support a private grass roots effort to change UNRWA policy:

* In person, with Ministry of Health restrictions or via Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 850 2604 5969

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