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How to defeat the PLO and UNRWA

Following the US and Israel elections: The following document will be submitted to the new US Congress & Israeli Knesset, Nov. 13, 2022.

Below is a list of doable steps that will make all the difference:

1. Recognize the new paradigm: Fatah can no longer be defined as a “partner for peace.”

2. Neutralize COGAT (Israel’s Civil Administration), and its blind protection of the PA and UNRWA.

3. Present PA and UNRWA Indoctrination as a primary factor in the war on Israel.

4. Since the PBC (Palestine Broadcasting Corporation) continues to incite, close​ ​all Israeli government frequencies used by the PBC.

5. Define PA and UNRWA schools as warlike entities that deserve no support.

6. ​Reinstate​ oversight of all texts and teachers​ in PA/UNRWA education.

7. ​Advocate the repeal of “Pay for Slay” legislation as a condition for aid

8. Disarm all Palestinian Arab entities, including the PSF, trained by US and Israel.

9 ​​Arrest anyone who pays killers who have ​carried out acts of ​murder.

10. Encourage confiscat​ion of all funds set aside ​by the PA ​to pay ​salaries for life to anyone who kills a Jew.

11. Organize conference of the descendants of ​the ​Dalal Mugrabi 1978 terror attack, where 35 Jews were murdered. Dalal is lionized by the PA and in UNRWA education.

​12. ​Advocate harsh conditions ​in jails for terrorists, because current terror cells have turned into summer camps and universities.

1​3 ​Commission new films of UNRWA and PA SCHOOLS. Seeing is believin

​14. Oversee all funding to PA and UNRWA​: Demand accountability for cash ​allocations ​to PA and UNRWA. Hold all PA funders criminally responsible for PA transgressions (NGOs have no diplomatic immunity).

​15. Create ​a ​new think-tank to monitor and fight Arab terror.

​16 Hire a community organization social worker to create a new Arab health and social welfare system, one that is independent of ​the corrupt ​PA and UNRWA.

17. Transform “victims of terror” into an effective ​ organization to present the human face of those who have suffered the consequences of Arab violence.

​18. Launch ​inquiry into private ​investments in the ​PA.

19. Foster an effort for UNRWA policy change​ – Counter “Right of Return by Force of Arms”. Instead, advance the resettlement of Arab refugees from 1948 and their descendants. ​

That’s all it takes, folks.


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