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An IDF surgical operation which worked: UNRWA Jenin refugee facility, July 2023

While Israel’s adversaries have been used to providing illustrations  of civilian casualties and damage to private property after almost  every IDF action since 1987, this time things were different.

 The IDF strartegy .which focused on surgical targeting of terrorists and terrorist assets ,bore fruit this time.

Exactly 12 people were killed by the IDF, each of whom was an armed combatant, with the UNRWA facility of 12,000 residents suffering not even one fatality. 

Meanwhile, IDF shared pictures of capture munitions which were stored in UNRWA schools and UNRWA medical clinics, for the world to see.

The question that I had asked of UNRWA and UNRWA donors thoughout May and June of 2023 seems all the more pertinent in the wake of the IDF operation in the UNRWA refugee camp:

When will UNRWA conduct an inspection to look for hidden weapons in their facilities?

Pix taken from the UNRWA Jenin refugee camp after the Israel army withdrew from UNRWA, where  IDF  seized caches of weapons and ammunitio




 UNRWA refugee camp of Jenin : July 5, 2023

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