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Opportunity : Reconsider Unconditional UAE Allocations to UNRWA.

David Bedein
Israel Resource News Agency at The Center for Near East Policy Research

Negotiations to establish a peace treaty between Israel and the United Arab Emirates  provides  an opportunity to require  that UAE stop financing UNRWA  education in its current state.

United Arab Emirates  provides $51 million each year as the fifth largest donor to UNRWA. UNRWA in turn allocates 54% of its budget to finance a new curriculum of violence , which indoctrinates a new generation to prepare for war against the Jews.

For the past 20 years, the Center for Near East Policy Research has examined all UNRWA textbooks, which speak for themselves:

The time has come to learn from mistakes in Middle East peace arrangements with Egypt,(1979), the PLO (1993) and Jordan (1994), none of which required a cessation of incitement against the Jewish State.

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