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A New Arab Refugee Module forms in Stockholm

UNRWA REFORM: SWEDEN (pending) has registered as a non-profit organization  with the Swedish government, with a Swedish language website:


After the registration process is completed, UNRWA REFORM: SWEDEN will ask for private local and international membership fees to launch its work.

no funds accepted from any government. 

With the UNRWA mandate renewal pending, UNRWA REFORM: SWEDEN  asks UN ambassadors from each donor nation to demand  requirements to  renew the  UNRWA mandate:

  1. End military training of UNRWA students.
  2. Cancel Jihad curriculum used in UNRWA schools.
  3. End cash allocations: and Introduce transparency to UNRWA.
  4. Investigate alleged use of UNRWA cash for crime: Trafficking women, narcotics, arms and cars.
  5. Help descendants of refugees from the 1948 war leave UNRWA and create a module for resettlement.
  6. Remove UNRWA “ambassador of good will”, Muhammad Assaf, who acts as an “UNRWA emissary for war”.

Sara Lönnström and Lawrence Berger,  Founders



BOX 293, Stockholm.  Sweden.

BACKGROUND: https://unrwa-monitor.com/articles-about-unrwa/a-solution-for-five-million-descendants-from-arab-refugees-from-1948who-still-dwell-in-59-unrwa-refugee-camps/

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