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From Auschwitz to UNRWA: German Complicity Continues

Next month, a convocation will occur to mark the 75th anniversary the liberation of Auschwitz.

This is not a look to the past.

Germany resumes its war on Jews, 75 years later.


Following the US withdrawal of funds from UNRWA, Germany doubled its funds to UNRWA,

Germany became its number one funder, knowing full well that UNRWA texts indoctrinate Arab children to wage war on the Jews.

The Center for Near East Policy Research has examined all school books of UNRWA.

UNRWA texts, all of which are acquired from the Palestine Liberation Organization, openly teach the “value” of exterminating Jews.

Our experts have perused every chapter and verse of all 365 UNRWA texts, hardly appropriate for a UN school.

Have recently made presentations about the new UNRWA antisemitism at the German Bundestag and at The German Government Department for Monitoring antisemitism, accompanied by an official of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

After that visit, the Center for Near East Policy Research filed a new comprehensive report about the virulent antisemitism of the teachers manuals used for UNRWA education, which feature those who murder Jews as role models for Arab children.

Asked for comment, the German Government Department for Monitoring antisemitism declared that it does not relate to what Germany does abroad.

They are only following orders.

Anyone ready to document this as a book or produce this as a full length film ?

Anyone ready to invite our agency to present documentation and films shot on location that expose UNRWA antisemitism and the 22 nations that fund UNRWA, now led by Germany?

Let my people know.

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