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UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness has charged that the film “is a catalogue of misrepresentation.” He charges that, “There is no evidence whatsoever to substantiate the claim that UNRWA supported the so called “Great March”, not one single fact”. Additionally he said “the school you filmed at was not an UNRWA school and you as an Israeli can’t travel to Gaza. Among many allegations against your work”.

The response:

1. We stand behind the story.

2. The students interviewed are all UNRWA students

3. We filmed in UNRWA facilities. where UNRWA incites students to participate in the Great March of Return

4. UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunnesss, always launches personal attacks against his critics.

5. Here are 15 years of our documented studies of UNRWA policies.

6. At no time has UNRWA ever responded with any substance to these studies

7. I never said that I was standing inside Gaza. We retain qualified Arab crews who work for us and 20 other news agencies

8. The UNRWA response for the past 15 years is that UNRWA students whom we interview are not UNRWA students and that the UNRWA facilities where we film are not UNRWA facilities. That would have been made possible only if we hired hundreds of Arab children, bought in hundreds of UNRWA school uniforms and asked UNIVERSAL STUDIOS to fly over dummy UNRWA schools.

9. UNRWA, which has hired a PR firm, MARATHON STRATEGIES, UNRWA has spread the notion that demos on the Gaza frontier are peaceful and that the particpants are unarmed. see:

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