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How ​to ​​facilitate a flow of donations​ for the people who dwell in UNRWA Gaza facilities

Not a day goes by when you do not see yet another news story about the genuine suffering of the descendants of Arab refugees who continue to wallow in the misery of the ​UNRWA refugee facilities that were established as” temporary”dwellings for the Arabs who left Israel during the 1948 war…67 years ago​

The plight ​of the people of the UNRWA ​refugee facilities in Gaza further deteriorated after ​ the ​exchange of ​Gaza missile attacks and the subsequent Israeli military incursion occurred last summer.

UNRWA expected that a flow of funds would flow ​unabated ​ to their refugee facilitiss in the wake ​of the the summer war

However, donor nations have instead slowed down ai​d to UNRWA in Gaza.

Why?​ Because ​donors now ask for accountability while social workers and health professionals who work in UNRWA facilities report ​ report the mass disappearance of food and medical supplies donated from western countries.

Nations that fund the same programs of health, education and welfare now express concern or double, triple and quadruple allocations for the same humanitarian programs that donors are funding, leaving an abundance of cash that also seems to disappear in the UNRWA facilities in Gaza.

Meanwhile, Hamas, defined by donor nations such as EU, the US, Canada, the UK and Australia as an FTO, a foreign terrorist organization, continues to dominate the workers and teachers unions of UNRWA in Gaza,.

​In addition, Hamas provide military training in their schools in Gaza, to prepare children as young as 12 to ready themselves to liberate all of Palestine by force of arms under the slogan of the “right of return” to Arab villages in Israel which existed before the 1948 war.

​These factors do not provide a conducive atmosphere for accountable humanitarian aid to flow into Gaza.

So what can be done to ​facilitate a flow of donations​ for the people who dwell in UNRWA Gaza facilities?

​There are five reasonable conditions that donor nations can request of UNRWA, in order to streamline humanitarian aid that will reach the source: the people in need:​

  1. An audit of all funds allocated to UNRWA​, so that there will be full accountability of funds allocated by 38 nations​
  2. Demand that UNRWA not use the ​current ​”right of return by force of arms” curriculum​ in the UNRWA schools.​
  3. ​Ask that ​ UNRWA fire personnel affiliated with Hamas
  4. ​Cease ​ military training of children in the UNRWA schools
  5. Initiate programs that will enable UNRWA residents to be resettled in permanent homes, for the first time since 1948

When these conditions are met, humanitarian funds will and should flow to Gaza.

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