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Would you want your child to to go to an UNRWA summer camp?

For the past 15 years, as a community organizer turned investigative reporter, I have held the unique position of running the sole agency which documents UNRWA summer camps . Assisted by three Arab journalists and three Jewish journalists with a deep understanding of Arab culture, my task has been to share the unsettling realities witnessed since I first covered UNRWA in 1987.

Each summer, the UNRWA camps engage in simulations depicting the violence they believe is necessary for claiming and “returning to Palestine.” The so-called “fun games” revolve around preparing for the perceived war to “liberate Palestine”.

Shockingly, children at UNRWA summer camps practice activities such as kidnapping soldiers, burning IDF vehicles, and handling short-lived weapons.

Having now prepared a compilation of UNRWA summer camp footage, we will present it to the Knesset and the embassies of countries that donate to the $1.6 billion UNRWA budget.

It is disturbing to witness the simulation games the children learned at these camps which now seem all too real, especially given the events of October 7, when thousands of incited Arab youngsters invaded the Negev.

While most journalists find joy in their achievements, my scoop brings little pleasure. The evidence points to UNRWA directing the war, with Hamas acting as the agent. The films and footage captured at UNRWA summer camps will serve as a valuable resource for generations of investigators examining the events of October 7 that caught the world by surprise.

The perplexing question arises is: How is it possible that no one seemed to know that UNRWA used its summer camps to train an army of young people for guerrilla warfare aimed at total insurrection?

On August 1, 2000, UNRWA formally adopted the “right of return” curriculum of the Palestinian Authority. Now, it has transformed it into the “right of return” by force of arms, as witnessed on October 7, 2023. Astonishingly, not a single nation calls for the removal of such a lethal curriculum.

And on July 1, 2024, UNRWA will conduct these same violent prone summer camps for descendants of Arab refugees who live in UNRWA camps in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem.

Throughout these seven months of armed confrontation, the IDF has discovered arsenals of weapons in the UNRWA schools and medical facilities.

This is the time to compile how UNRWA facilities were transformed into arsenals, before the UNRWA summer camps commence. This is the time to review the UNRWA curriculum once again and to ask for the removal of the murder murals around the UNRWA schools and to share the evidence of weapons in the UNRWA schools, before the UNRWA summer camps commence.


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