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UNRWA Investigative Articles 2021


August 2021

What will change after the memo of understanding between the US and UNRWA? – Unrwa-Monitor

Texts remain in UNRWA schools despite anti-incitement agreement – Unrwa-Monitor

UNRWA’s Anti-Semitic Teachers Exposed in 130-Page UN Watch Report – Unrwa-Monitor

‘UNRWA is missing the point entirely’ – Unrwa-Monitor

Statement of UNRWA on the use of PLO school books – Unrwa-Monitor

FSWC Once Again Urges Canada to Suspend Funding to UNRWA After Report Reveals Dozens of Agency Employees Promote Antisemitism and Violence – Israel Behind the News – Unrwa-Monitor

UNRWA’s Jihad Against Israel (Part One) – Unrwa-Monitor

UNRWA chief rejects calls to fire antisemitic staff – Unrwa-Monitor

Letters to Ambassadors & Consulates, August 2021 – Unrwa-Monitor

UNRWA urges Hamas to respect ‘inviolability’ of its facilities in Gaza – Unrwa-Monitor

UNRWA’s Jihad against Israel (Part Three) – Unrwa-Monitor

UNRWA’s Jihad against Israel (Part Two) – Unrwa-Monitor

The U.S UNRWA Anti Incitement Accord: What Happened? – Unrwa-Monitor

UNRWA education to violence – Unrwa-Monitor

UNRWA thanks Saudi Arabia for building a school, health center in Bethlehem, West Bank – Unrwa-Monitor

US Congressional Film Screening of “UNRWA’s Child Soldiers” on YOUTUBE – Unrwa-Monitor

Use UNRWA’s financial crisis to end its shameful apartheid system – Unrwa-Monitor

German support for UNRWA – Unrwa-Monitor

July 2021

The inside story about an UNRWA official chased out ot Gaza – Unrwa-Monitor

Invitation-to-August-24th-US-Congressional-Film-Screening-on-UNRWA-2.pdf – Unrwa-Monitor

Open Letter of Complaint Against UNRWA Commissioner General – Unrwa-Monitor

Foster a new approach to UNRWA – Unrwa-Monitor

Revolutionary proposed legislation in the US House of Representatives to constrain UNRWA from its current terror involvement. What is left to be done: The US Senate. – Unrwa-Monitor

Circumvent UNRWA to help Gaza – Unrwa-Monitor

June 2021

UNRWA youth on parade – Unrwa-Monitor

Palestinian National Council defends UNRWA teaching material against EU allegation – Unrwa-Monitor

Briefing: Biden creates vital conditions for UNRWA funding – Unrwa-Monitor

Biden Admin. demands UNRWA reform to receive US aid – Unrwa-Monitor

UNRWA goes to war || Behind the scene with David Bedein- June 7, 2021 – Unrwa-Monitor

Recruited from UNRWA schools to march with live weapons under flag of Hamas – Unrwa-Monitor

Make sure that the US Congress hears about conditions for UNRWA funding renewal – Unrwa-Monitor

BREAKING: UNRWA Thanks Hamas Terror Chief for ‘Ongoing Willingness to Cooperate’ – Unrwa-Monitor

US Conditions UNWRA and PA Funding. About Time! with David Bedein (June 10 2021) –Unrwa-Monitor

Hamas ‘Summer Camp’ Registration Video Shows Military Training for Palestinians Age 9 and Up – Unrwa-Monitor

SWC Encouraged by US linkage of renewed UNRWA aid to Curriculum that Doesn’t Promote Incitement – Unrwa-Monitor

In this year’s summer camps for UNRWA youngsters – Unrwa-Monitor

Activists and experts demand German transparency on UNRWA support – Unrwa-Monitor

May 2021

Policy Briefing for Congressional Staff: UNRWA Fact vs Fiction: Countering Disinformation and Helping Palestinians – Unrwa-Monitor

European Parliament Raps UNRWA – Unrwa-Monitor

Refugee camps in Gaza fired more than 130 rounds of missiles at Jewish communities throughout Israel – Unrwa-Monitor

An appeal to the UN Secretary General: Disarm UNRWA refugee camps to save lives – Unrwa-Monitor

UNRWA Statement indicates that have facilities apparently adjacent to targets – Unrwa-Monitor

POWER POINT – Textbooks Used in UNRWA Schools – Unrwa-Monitor

This is the time to disarm UNRWA refugee camps to save lives –Unrwa-Monitors

Policy briefing to congress staff personal about UNRWA – May 11, 2021 – Unrwa-Monitor

An appeal to the UN Secretary General: Disarm UNRWA refugee camps to save lives – Unrwa-Monitor

Criticism of UNRWA – is Switzerland paying for Hamas rockets? – Unrwa-Monitor

Textbooks used in UNRWA schools – Unrwa-Monitor

UNRWA’s False Façade of Neutrality – Unrwa-Monitor

April 2021

Israel, Jews and Peace in Textbooks used in UNRWA Schools In the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip – Unrwa-Monitor

Talking Points about UNRWA education after 20 years of inquiry – Unrwa-Monitor

The head of UNRWA is not being honest – Unrwa-Monitor

UNRWA’s Moment of Truth – Unrwa-Monitor

Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act – Unrwa-Monitor

UNRWA commissioner claims the agency is not political. It is nothing BUT political! – Unrwa-Monitor

UNRWA Caught Teaching Terrorism, Jew Hatred as Biden Admin Resumes Taxpayer Funding – Unrwa-Monitor

Biden’s Funding of UNRWA Harms Palestinians – Unrwa-Monitor

Policy change as condition for aid to UNRWA – Unrwa-Monitor

UNRWA does not create policies on its own – Unrwa-Monitor

Nikki Haley Blasts Resumption of UNRWA Funding ‘Wasting millions of American tax dollars’ – Unrwa-Monitor

Letters sent to each UNRWA donor nation concerning indiscretions in UNRWA schools – Unrwa-Monitor

Turkey contributes US$ 10 million to UNRWA in support of Palestine refugees – Unrwa-Monitor

US wants to renew to the PA and UNRWA? – Two requests – Unrwa-Monitor

UNRWA and the Palestinian Refugees: A History within History – Unrwa-Monitor

March 2021

New UNRWA campaign against conditional funding to UNRWA – Israel Behind the News

Report: UNRWA Home Study Materials for Kids Glorifying Terrorists – Israel Behind the News

The Imperative to Stop UNRWA’s Antisemitic Incitement – Israel Behind the News

UNRWA during Covid-19. UNRWA Jihad Online – English – Israel Behind the News

Letter from the Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research to each UNRWA donor nation – Israel Behind the News

Principles: HOW TO REFORM UNRWA POLICIES – Israel Behind the News

Bedein Center UNRWA Policy Briefing for US Congressional Staff:17 March 2021 – Israel Behind the News

Our updated letter to all UNRWA donor nations – Israel Behind the News

February 2021

Letter from Julia Marks, Diplomatic Liaison, Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research – Israel Behind the News

Jewish Leaders Demand Accountability Amid UNRWA’s Continued Mismanagement – Israel Behind the News

What conditions will accompany the US policy to restore funds to the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA? – Israel Behind the News

The UNRWA cash economy – Israel Behind the News

UNRWA investigation fact sheet – Israel Behind the News

David Bedein: Balfour Declaration Centennial & UNRWA Supported Palestinian Hate Curriculum – Israel Behind the News

Wiesenthal Center Urges UN Secretary General Gutteres to Denounce Anti-Semitism in UNRWA Curriculum – Israel Behind the News

UNRWA Transparency Report – Israel Behind the News

With German the Lead Donor to UNRWA – A German Version of the Website – Israel Behind the News

UAE & UNRWA – CRISIS? – Israel Behind the News

The UNRWA Transparency Report: Presented to the Office of the UN Sec’y Gen’l – Israel Behind the News

UNRWA donor nations 2020 – Israel Behind the News

Anti-Semitism in UNRWA Education – Israel Behind the News

UAE dramatically reduced funding for UNRWA in 2020 – Israel Behind the News

European Parliament raises issue with UNRWA textbooks promoting hate – Israel Behind the News

The U.N. Refugee Agency With Few Actual Refugees – Israel Behind the News

Antisemitism of UNRWA discussed in four languages – Israel Behind the News

January 2021

Statement on educational materials used by UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in Near East – Israel Behind the News

The Palestinian refugee hoax – Israel Behind the News

2020 UNRWA Leading Donor Nations Allocation Report Now Released – Israel Behind the News

What is the UNRWA connection to the Iranian threat  to Israel? – Israel Behind the News

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