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UNRWA Foci of Bedein Center in the New Year 5782

David Bedein

1. Investigate, expose and create UNRWA policy

2. Open studio to cover UNRWA refugee camps in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and Gaza

3. Produce  timely news program, on location,  produced in 23 languages of the European Union, along with Arabic and Japanese.\

4. Focus on UNRWA “education” : Youth clubs, theatre, and the classroom…wherever  indoctrination occurs.

5. Examine  all possibilities for UNRWA refugee relocation

6, Investigate terror/ crime connections of UNRWA personnel

7.Initiate inter-parliamentary UNRWA policy task force: Ask two members of each donor nation legislative body to oversee UNRWA.

8. Maintain a presence at each legislative body.

9. Work with Wiesenthal Center  to document  UNRWA anti-semitsm

10. Translate selected UNRWA texts into the 23 languages of the European Union, along with Arabic and Japanese. 

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