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UNRWA EDUCATION: Standing in the Way of Peace

Memo on UNRWA & PA education

Ever since the Biden Administration came into power in the U.S., it has been a foregone conclusion that the Americans will l renew funding to UNRWA and the P.A.

These are political decisions.

The question remains whether or not the U.S will place reasonable conditions on funding for both agencies.

This does not only apply to the U.S – this applies to leading donor nations, such as Germany – the leading donor nation – that supply massive funds to UNRWA and the P.A. without any accountability or transparency

Ever since UNRWA adopted the school books of the P.A. as the official curriculum in their schools as of in August 2000, our agency has reviewed 1000 textbooks, none of which reflect a spirit of peace, despite the fact that a U.N. agency oversees these schools …at a time when the symbol of U.N. education is ‘Peace starts here’.

Most recently, the Bedein Center for Near East Policy conducted an on the record briefing with the U.N. Secretary General and produced a dozen terrible examples of war- like curricula; at a time when UNRWA openly states that 58 percent of their budget is allocated towards education, which is characterized by a theme of war. The question remains – will Germany, or any other donor nation demand this curriculum be abolished? And will the U.S. ignore the curriculum as it renews its funding to UNRWA and the P.A.?

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