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The Silence of the European Coalition for Israel

David Bedein
24. 7.22

Attn: Press query of ECI, the European Coalition for Israel
The respected Globes business newspaper confirms in its July 22, 2022 weekend edition that the EU has transferred new funds to PA and UNRWA education, with no conditions.

That has occurred despite the fact that the EU knows that the  PA/UNRWA curriculum indoctrinates the next generation to engage in full scale war against the Jews.



Full disclosure; Dr. Arnon Groiss, who has reviewed close to 1,000 texts used by the PA/UNRWA schools,  ever since the PA began to issue its own textbooks in 2000,has  briefed  officials of the European Commission in Israel about the current UNRWA curriculum, which incorporates all text books used by the PA.

1. What protest does the ECI plan in response to this action?
2. Will ECI at least ask that the  EU demand the removal of the textbook which praises the murderer Dalal El Mugrabi and presents her as a role model for all  students to emulate?

Thank you.
David Bedein, CEO


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