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The Jewish New Year dawns this week: Some thoughts

Jews have a unique way of observing the New Year.

It is a time of reckoning, deep thought, and perspective.

This New Year witnesses Israel in a state of change.

Members of Israel’s Knesset Parliament who identify with the Islamic Movement and the Palestine Liberation Organization now hold a veto over Israel government decisions.

What is barely discussed in the public domain is the open rebellion of Arab citizens that spread to Jewish cities within sovereign Israel during the month of May – Lod, Ramle,Acre and Jaffa.

The threat of Hamas to southern Israel and the Hizballah to Northern Israel has been underplayed.

The movie we produced this past summer. THE UNRWA CHILD SOLDIER, shows that UNRWA has fulfilled the prediction made by Israel’s statesman Abba Eban in 1958, who characterized UNRWA at the time as a dagger in the heart of Israel. UNRWA’s 5.3 million population,in 59 “temporary” refugee camps, are descendants of half a million Arabs who fled israel in 1948 when five Arab armies invaded the nascent state of israel. and indoctrinated with one solution : Their “right of return” to villages they left after 1948.

These challenges face the Jewish state in the New Year.

Hard to predict what Israel will look like a year from now.

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