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The following UN WATCH release on UNRWA teacher incitement to murder Jews is factual, accurate and informative. 

However, it lacks context:  

1. US has frozen US funds for UNRWA education because UNRWA will not change its texts, as US-UNRWA accord of July 2021 has mandated 

After approving renewed aid to UNRWA, Why does the US refuse to send funds ?

2. Current UNRWA curriculum prepares its students for  total war against the Jews.

Gaza: UN schools teach children ‘right to return by force of arms’

3. Jews are presented in the UNRWA curriculum  as the enemy of the Palestinian Arab people.

Jews in Palestine

4. Text which PA introduced in 2017 into the UNRWA curriculum which glorifies a murderer remains unchanged.

Dalal al-Mughrabi – A Murderous Terrorist as a Role Model In Palestinian Authority Schoolbooks Used by UNRWA

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