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Policy change as condition for aid to UNRWA

1.Advcate Policy change as condition for aid to UNRWA.

  1. Do not waste time with calls to replace UNRWA.UN will not allow that to occur.
  2. Responsible for UNRWA  policies: donor nations.UNRWA donors need feedback.
  1. Those who make US UNRWA policies- Members of  Middle East Subcommittee-  House Foreign  Relations Committee. Each member must hear feedback.
  1. Make representations as concerned citizens, notfrom  organizations and never by  petitions, which are viewed as contrived. As much as possible, send registered letters to public officials.

6, Reference films & studies:

UNRWA-MONITOR.COM and IsraelBehindTheNews.com

7, Send funds to back continuing investigations of UNRWA:.https://israelbehindthenews.com/donations/

8  Act now. Otherwise, President Biden will release immediate lethal aid to UNRWA – unless he feels pressure from a  grass roots movement against unrestricted  funding of UNRWA .

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