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Open letter to Ron Lauder and Menachem Rosensaft: Do you not know what the PA and UNRWA are teaching? 

Menachem Rosensaft , now a counsel to the World Jewish Congress, was one of the Jews who met with Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yassir Arafat in December 1988.

After that meeting, the media widely  reported that this group who met Arafat were the key people who convinced President Reagan in his last month in office to recognize the PLO as a peace partner. That move has influenced US foreign policy ever since.

Now Rosensaft circulates an article by WJC President Ron Lauder on Arab entitled “Mabrouk and mazel tov to all Muslims and Jews in this new era of peace” which heralds  the dawn of a new era, now that The United Arab Emirates has recognized Israel, with other Arab States set to follow their lead.

All this defies reality.

The Palestine Authority, worked under the aegis of the Palestine Liberation Organization, has created a mandatory school curriculum which prepares the next generation for total war to liberate Palestine, all of Palestine.

This is the curriculum presented for  UNRWA in the new school year, financed, in part, by United Arab Emirates , the fifth biggest donor to UNRWA, the largest donor to UNRWA in the Arab world.

Do Rosensaft and Lauder not know what the PA and UNRWA are teaching?

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