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Hold consuls of UNRWA donor nations accountable

On Monday, November 15, 2021, the UNRWA donor nations gather in Brussels to discuss UNRWA funding policies .

The time has come to ask consuls of UNRWA donors to condition contributions on sweeping UNRWA policy


These are the consuls to approach: The more feedback they get, the better.

Germany – Christian Clages

T: 02-2977630

F: 02-2984786

UK – Diane Corner

T: 02-5414100

F: 02-5414157

Japan, Masayuki Magoshi

T: 02-2983370

F: 02-2983313

Norway, Tarunn Viste

T: 02-2358600

F: 02- 2358699

Denmark, Nathalia Feinberg

T: 02-2415280

France, Rene Troccaz

T: 02-6298500

F: 02-6298501

Netherlands, Kees van Baar

T: 02-2406639

F: 02-2409638

Switzerland, Viktor Vavricka

T: 02- 2408360

F: 02-2408362

Austria, Astrid Wein

T: 02-2401477

F: 02-2400479

Canada, Robin Wettlaufer

T: 02-2978430

F: 02-2978447

Turkey, Ahmet Rıza Demirer,

T: 02-5910555

F: 02-5820214

Italy, Giuseppe Fedele

T: 02-5618966

F: 02-5618944

Spain, Ignacio Garcia-Valdecasas

T: 02-5350100

F: 02-5326731

Belgium, Danielle Haven

T: 02-5828263

F: 02- 5814063

Finland, Päivi Peltokoski

T: 02-2420340

F: 02-2420343

Ireland, Don Sexton

T: 02-2949800

F: 02-2406816

Australia, Mark Bailey

T: 02-2425301

F: 02-2428290

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