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Foster a new approach to UNRWA

Palestinian Arab Refugee Settlement Plan – a Future of Dignity

(For UNRWA donor nations to consider)

Foster a New approach to UNRWA

Help five million residents stuck in fifty nine “temporary” UNRWA refugee camps since 1948 to get on with their lives, after seventy years in limbo, where the only option offered by UNRWA is to go back to villages that no longer exist.

First Step:

Survey those who live under the aegis of UNRWA, to determine where these descendants 1948 refugees from 1948 could be relocated.

Second step:

Survey nations, to determine who would be ready to settle UNRWA camp residents.


When Arab refugee camps in Iraq disbanded after the fall of Saddam Hussein, there were nations that welcomed them on a permanent basis.

We dispatched two correspondents to witness the dignified reception that they received in Chile.


Garner donations from nations and NGO’s who contribute 1.2 billion dollars each year to UNRWA, to earmark funds for dignified and permanent resettlement.

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