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Communicate with 47 heads of state who arrive this week for a conference to remember the liberation of Auschwitz

For more than 30 years, The Center for Near East Policy Research has researched and revealed that many of the nations represented this week at the conference to remember the liberation of Auschwitz now fund UNRWA, whose schools indoctrinate 321,000 children to engage in violence and even genocide of the  Jews.


The Center for Near East Policy Research now prepares a fact filled letter to welcome each head of state to Jerusalem, to offer their visiting staff with the opportunity to meet researchers and review the lethal documentation of the new PLO and UNRWA school system.

We now seek volunteers to help us translate this important letter to

  • Portugese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Flemish
  • Bulgarian
  • Romanian
  • Hungarian
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Finnish
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Russian
  • Ukranian
  • Lithuanian
  • Japanese
  • Amharic
  • Greek
  • Korean

IF you are can translate in any of these languages, please let us know.

If you can pay for someone to translate, please let us know.

We seek sponsor(s) take out a paid open letter in the media addressed to each visiting head of state in this regard.


Mission Leader $
EU  1. President of the European Parliament David Sassoli.                                                               2. President of the European Council Charles Michel 178,989,326
Germany President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier 177,439,447
UK  Prince Charles of Britain 92,754,569
Sweden Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Löfven 64,999,762
Switzerland   27,828,599
Canada Governor-General of Canada Julie Payette 26,746,123
Netherlands King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander 22,677,756
Spain (including Regional Governments) King Felipe VI of Spain 19,055,991
Italy President of Italy Sergio Mattarella 17,090,974
Australia Governor-General of Australia David Hurley 16,017,103
Belgium (including Government of Flanders) King Philipp Leopold Ludwig Maria 15,498,794
France President of France Emmanuel Macron 15,261,693
Denmark Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen 14,475,903
Luxembourg Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg 5,757,296
Finland President of Finland Sauli Niinistö 5,490,921
Russia President of Russia Vladimir Putin 2,000,000
Iceland President of Iceland Guðni Th. Jóhannesson 521,653
Czech Republic Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrej Babiš 240,588
Portugal President of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa 138,611
Cyprus President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades 120,000
Austria President of Austria Alexander Van der Bellen 1,639,518
Slovakia President of Slovakia Zuzana Čaputová 95,858
Bulgaria President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev 81,585
Slovenia President of Slovenia Borut Pahor 79,800
Monaco Minister of State of Monaco Serge Telle 60,386
Romania President of Romania Klaus Iohannis 50,000
Lithuania President of Lithuania Gitanas Nausėda 24,540
Latvia Speaker of the Latvian Parliament Ināra Mūrniece 11,364
TOTAL   30,788,023



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