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Arab Terror Threat at Toronto District School Board

JEWISH IDENTITY, THE FUTURE OF JEWS AND WESTERN VALUES ARE UNDER ATTACK FROM A RADICAL SCHOOL BOARD AND GOVERNMENT POLICY. OUR COMMUNITY NEEDS YOUR HELP NOW. Whether you have school age kids or not and whatever school they might attend, this is one of the most important issues of late that affects 100% of Jews and threatens our future. This is a lengthy post, but it’s an important one and I’ve done my best to summarize the most important details here. This is a complicated issue with a lot of smoke and mirrors, to create the appearance that this is ok and that Pro Pali groups are doing the right thing. But it’s not ok.

Read on…

Canada’s largest school board, Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and the House of Commons are trying to pass a policy called Anti-Palestinian Racism (APR). In schools, kids/teachers/admin will be silenced or reprimanded and staff could maybe even be fired, if they speak about certain facts about Jewish identity and Israel. This deplorable, antisemitic policy basically prohibits people from discussing their Jewish culture in school, prohibits people from denouncing Hamas and prohibits those talking about Israel as a legitimate country. If you do any of the above, it will be considered APR (racist). This is not joke and I’ve given you the very simplified version. TDSB, has gone mad, supporting terrorist ideologies. So has our government. The TDSB sets precedents for other school boards, so this is deeply concerning. This affects 100% of Jews, not just families in TDSB, as the radical Islamists aim to indoctrinate the government and all kids and staff through this policy which is antisemetic to its core and affects the fundamentals and future of Jewish identity. Society will be taught that Jewish history is incorrect, speaking about Israel is wrong and Hamas ideologies should be supported.

Examples of Anti-Palestinian Racism/APR, as per the Arab Canadian Lawyers Association:
● Denying the Nakba;
● Failing to acknowledge Palestinians as an Indigenous people with rights in relation to occupied and historic Palestine;
● Excluding or pressuring others to exclude Palestinian perspectives, Palestinians and their allies;
Examples of Anti-Palestinian Racism, as per OSSTF training to TDSB educators:
● Assigning genocidal or violent intent to the phrase “Free Palestine, from the river to the sea”, which the APR training frames as ‘hopeful Palestinian poetry’
● Asking why other Arab countries don’t help Palestinians
● Asking someone to denounce Hamas and Hezbollah as a means of testing the “acceptability” of their views on the Middle East conflict.

Read up/sign up for emails at jefa.ca (Jewish Educators and Families Association) and come out to the rally on Jun 18 to defend our community and speak out against this APR policy which is actually racist against Jews. Our future depends on it.TDSB has already banned at least 100 members of our community from speaking at their previous meetings. TDSB has only allowed radicals from fringe groups claiming to be Jewish who support APR, to speak and propel this self-serving, Islamist and radical policy forward. We’re being shut out and slienced, with the goal of Jewish erasure.

Write politicians, government, Trudeau, Ford, Chow, Todd Smith (Ontario Minister if Education), your MPs and MPPs and Jewish organations NOW, to tell them APR is unpatriotic, disgusting, racist against Jews, antisemitic and a direct assault on Canadian’s freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of religion. Hate speech against Jews gets zero government support and yet, school boards and the House of Commons need APR policies? APR seems to be the most important item in their agenda. Make it yours too and show up on Jun 18 to denounce it.
Sign up for JEFA”s and UJA’s Activist emails to receive important updates. Protest details for Jun 18 or TDSB meeting times might change so check details before you go. Find more info here, about ARP and attend the Jun 18 rally to protest this asinine APR policy.

Please add more info in your posts, with links wherever you can.

Community rally at TDSB HQ this Tuesday June 18th

The vote on the TDSB’s Combating Hate and Racism Report (which does nothing to address antisemitism and includes APR) is moved to June 18th.


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